The Power Of Un. Hour 6. Mrs.Leyman.

The Power of Un

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By: Nancy Etchemendy

The Power of Un6A


Gib Finney

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get until you open it."
~Forest Gump

Personal Code
1. Safety of his sister
2. Have fun
3. Don't lose the Unner
4. Try to avoid trucks
5. Stay on Rainy's good side
6. Close your eyes while using the Unner
7. Use the Unner only when needed.

Chapter Summarys
1-3 Andrew Nathanson
4-6 Shun
7-9 Drew
10-11 Agon
12-13 Andy

Summary for Chapter 1 Stranger in the Woods

By Andrew Nathanson: Gib Finney is an ordinary sixth grade boy, with a little sister named Roxy. His life was pretty ordinary until the unner came into his life, thats when disasters started to happen. Believe it or not Gib may never have found the unner if it wasn't for a spit ball in his math class one day. Gib shot a spitball at his teacher and his teacher thought it was Rainy, when the teacher yelled at Rainy, Gib let her take the blame and punishment for his actions. Little did Gib know, that may have been the biggest mistake of his life!

Summary for Chapter 2 The Gift
By Andrew Nathanson: After a long day at school, Gib decided that he wanted to take a walk in the woods before dinner! As he was walking a strange looking old man with a limp approached him. The old man started to talking to Gib, he seemed to know a lot about Gib even though Gib never saw him before in his life. After a series of questions from the old man, he was certain that he was talking to Gib Finney. He handed Gib the UNNER. He told Gib that the Unner was a redo machine. It was a machine that can let Gib redo his mistakes. Gib was about to ask the old man some questions about the Unner when he the old man mysteriously disappeared!

Summary for Chapter 3 Fear of the Dark
By Andrew Nathanson: Gib is expiriencing with the Unner when he suddenly realizes that he is late for dinner. Gib starts to sprint home when he triped. When he hit the ground he he lost hold of the Unner. When Gib got home he had dinner, and his parents told him he has to watch Roxy, and take her to the carnival with them. Gib told Ash to meet them in the forest. Roxy was standing around while Gib was looking for the Unner on the forest floor when they heard someone sneek up behind them.

Summary for Chapter 4 Madam Isis
By Shun Yoshioka: Gib, Roxy and Ash went to the carnival. After walking for a while, they spotted a dog. Then, Roxy started to chase the dog, but Gib stopped her. They found tent where Madam Isis, a fortune teller, was in, so they went in. Roxy asked Madam Isis if she could get the dog, and she said yes. When Roxy and Ash went out, Madam Isis told Gib not to let Roxy out of his sight.

Summary for Chapter 5 View from the Devil's Elevator
By Shun Yoshioka: Gib and Ash really wanted to ride the Devil's Elevator, but Roxy didn't like scary rides, so they couldn't. Gib bought an apple candy for Roxy and made her promise to wait there while they were on the Devil's Elevator. Roxy promised to wait, so Gib and Ash got onto he Devil's Elevator. Then, the dog came out, and Roxy chased it. Gib screamed at Roxy, but she continued following the dog. The dog ran through traffic, Roxy followed it. Roxy got hit by a car.

Summary for Chapter 6 The Big Red Button
By Shun Yoshioka: After Gib came back from the carnival, he met Ash, and they tried to find the unner. They found the unner and tried to work it out. There was HMODE, MMODE, SMODE, ORDER and number button of the unner. Gib punched the buttons on the unner randomly until Ash stopped him. Ash figured out that HMODE meant hours, MMODE means minutes, and SMODE means seconds. Gib pushed the SMODE button and 121, then the ORDER button.

Summary for Chapter 7 Word Problems
By Drew Correll: After Gib recieved and found the power of un, and he went back into time, he calculated the time wrong and accidently went back to the scene where he started to transporate back into time when Ash was watching. So when he came back into time, he told Ash how he would know exactly what was going to happen, such as a bird singing and flying away. When Ash foundout that Gib wasn't lying, he thought that Gib was crazy. Then he punched in the time to go back to the carnvial, but went a little too far back.

Summary for Chapter 8 Wading through Time
By Drew Correll: Gib is back in time, in his math class. They need to do their science projects. Gib is paired up with Rainy, and they have potato skins and must think of something to put them into, or pour on top of them. They chose to use salt. Except the first time, before Gib traveled back in time, he spilled salt everywhere and had to clean up the salt from the ground, as the second time he didnt have to. Also, Lorraine spit a ball at the teacher, and before Lorraine spit it at Gib, then Gib to the teacher. Gib knew he had to take the blame and say that he was the one that spit it, otherwise it might change the future.

Summary for Chapter 9 Hearts and Unnings
By Drew Correll: In this chapter Gib apologized in front of the classroom to Lorraine except before he traveled in time, Lorraine was in trouble. Then GIb obtained a note from Laurine thanking him for taking the credit. Also when Gib got home from schoool he went inside and was very excited when he saw Roxy, because before he traveled in time, Roxy was in a coma. This was shocking because Gib is never excited to see Roxy, yet alone to play doggie with her. Also Gib goes on the walk again to obtain the unner, and the old man that gave Gib the unner, knew what was going to happen and said " 'You're not so nervous this time.' " Then Gib knew that he knew exactly what had happened.

Summary for Chapter 10 What Is and What Isn't?
By Agon : This chapter is about how Gib starts to get the old man, and where he came from. His friend Ash says that, "the old man" is Gib at an older age from the future. He rewound time to Friday again, and now he gets everything. The things he did badly before he rewound, and he turns them into good things. Instead of blaming Rainy for the spitball incident, he admits that he did it and Rainy appreciate it. Instead of being late to dinner, he gets everything from before, so he gets home earlier. He does many things, and in result he makes everything better.

Summary for Chapter 11 Losers Win, Winners Lose
By Agon: This chapter is about when Gib goes back to the carnival, after he rewound time. This time it’s not the same, rides are different colors, everything is different about the carnival, and different people working. Than his friend ash plays a ball booth game. He misses and he gets mad because the person at the booth doesn’t give him another chance, but Gib uses the unner 3 times, until the guy at the booth lets him try another chance. Than while Rainy is holding down Roxy, she reaches into her purse. Then Roxy starts running after the dog, then instead of Roxy getting hit this time, its Rainy who gets hit. She tried to save Roxy, and she put her self in front.

Summary for Chapter 12 Unner's End
By Andy: Gib is at the carnival yet again. He already sees some differences. He helps ash win a plane from one of the booths, only after Gib uses the unner. He then goes to the devils elevator with ash for the second time. When they get on they see
Lorraine and Roxy. Roxy is getting a candy apple (again). When rainy lets go of Roxy to purchase the apple, the mutt runs by and Roxy runs after it. The accident scene happens all over again, except rainy is the one hurt instead of Roxy. So Gib uses the unner yet again and goes back and saves both Roxy and Lorraine; he is hurt instead.

Summary for Chapter 13 My Thoughts about the Universe
By Andy: Gib survived the accident. He has a broken leg and will have a bad limp for the rest of his life. He says that it was better this way because he couldn't bare the thought of losing any one else. The unner was destroyed and some pieces lost. Though it is incomplete Gib knows where to get more pieces. He plans to rebuild it and go back in time to give it to his self again. So they are happy for now.

We chose this video-song because it has to do with time travel!!

If you have a job make sure you finish it! Ever since the beginning of the book, Gib's main goal was to save his sister Roxy. When Roxy got hit by a car, Gib was determined to save her, and make sure that the incident would not happen again if he used the unner. "I have to find the unner. It's my only chance." Ash looked puzzled. "Whats the unner?" "Well, it's like this. . . ." I said, and told him the whole story of the weird old man, his mysterious gift, and what had happened the previous afternoon."He said it would give me the Power of Un, the power to undo my mistakes, just like on a computer." (Etchemendy 64, 65) That was Gib's defining moment in the book, where he realized what he had to do!